Friday, October 15, 2010

God awful license plates!

So, I'm driving around, and what do I see in front of me? This license plate off to the side here! I nearly vomited! I thought to myself that if I lived in Indiana, and went to register a vehicle and they forced this belief on me, I would probably put it on my car, just so I could ram it into their building and be still insured. I'm sorta grumpy and didn't get much sleep last night due to hockey. I'm not usually this angry. I am going to make the assumption that this was a "special" plate that you could get as an option, and if you were secular/atheist/agnostic, you could just take the regular one. But I hope this plate cost extra money to get... idiot tax. I know this is bad of me, but it would be amusing to see a car rolled over in a ditch with this plate showing and forward it to people and say, "Still trust?"
Another one that I see is a personalized Saskatchewan plate that says "ILVGOD". My province is pretty strict on plates, and it was my understanding that nothing religious would be allowed to be put on them. I wondered if I could get one that says "IH8GOD", and I am sure I could not, because hate and love are two different things. But I doubt I could even get "NO GOD" or "GOD BAD" on a plate because of religious stereotypes.
Also saw a billboard that said simply, "What comes to mind when you think of Church...?" If you want to answer that question, send your email to


  1. You are right, this is an optional plate. There are several types in this state apparently.

    I'm personally not a religious person, and I don't understand why it bothers you. If you're not religious you aren't forced to buy one of these plates. The real issue would be if you were of a different religion or atheist and they forced you to drive with this plate. This is not the case.

    As for the restrictions of the promotion hate of God... That's just wrong. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Therefore hate on any controversial subject should not be tolerated. Note I'm not saying you can't promote atheism, you just shouldn't HATE god! You don't believe in it, how can you hate it? Perhaps you need a plate saying: Godnot4me (that wouldn't fit...but whatever). NO GOD might be acceptable!

  2. Alright, I understand there is no place for hatred in a public medium like a license plate then. You're just asking to get vandalized or carjacked or suffer from someone else's road rage. I guess I don't hate God. The idea that we were created for a purpose is kind of cool, but very far-fetched. I dislike (one might say hate) how people act when they are severely deluded because their belief in God is so strong, and it causes them to act in extremely irrational ways, like suicide bombings and harassing women on their way into abortion clinics. Is that what any real God would want? No, just what we spiteful humans pretend and delude other people into THINKING that he wants, so it gives us the chance to do these terrible things, thinking we will be rewarded in an afterlife.