Friday, February 18, 2011

Facebook Status

So recently, I made this my facebook status:

"Atheist meeting tonight! We're watching a sweet documentary and having discussions over popcorn and pop. All are welcome, message me for details."

Here were the response comments:

Carol Brucks Don't worry, Jesus still loves you!
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Daniel Victor Benesh As does the FSM. My life is filled with love!
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Ziggy Walters really? so what happens at these meetings? Everyone shows up and is like "we still dont believe in god right?" "Ya." "Ok see ya next week."

Stephanie Doyle I wish I was in wait, I don't. But if we lived in the same city Danny, I'd totally go to your meeting. I love popcorn!

Daniel Victor Benesh ‎@ Ziggy - People that go to church like to hang out with other people that believe in far-fetched, antiquated, and altogether societally needless belief systems.

People that go to meetings like this like to hang out with other people that are rational, analytical, intelligent, articulated, genuine, and truly humanistic in action, not just in word.

We discuss relevant media, current events, and, if you cared to know, our current informal goals are to dispell the myth that everyone in Regina is a Christian and to act as a safe haven for people unsure of their beliefs.

@ Stef - You totally wish you were in Regina.
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Mike Young Bring it. Can I come, Im a Christian. I would like to see exactly hwo an why you came to believe as you did. Although, if not thats ok. I dont want to crash a party uninvited

Daniel Victor Benesh - Mike - 100% you can come. Unfortunately, just as Christians don't get together every time and discuss exactly why they believe in God, neither do we talk about our disbelief every time. The theme of this meeting is called, "The God Who Wasn't There". It's the title of a controversial documentary that all would enjoy for its thought-provoking nature.

Here's a link to the usedregina ad that I posted. It has all the details about our group and our meeting tonight.

Hope to see you there! If this meeting topic doesn't interest you, I will post the topic for the next one, and perhaps you can attend that one. Or you can attend multiple meetings. We greatly enjoy intelligent debates.

Ziggy Walters dude i grew up christian and now honestly i dont know what to believe. What i do know is that jesus whether the son of god or not was a pretty righteous dude!

Daniel Victor Benesh ‎"Righteous - Morally right or justifiable; virtuous."

I could not agree more man! Do you know who else was? Mahatma Ghandi. Here's one of his famous quotes, "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike y...our Christ."

There is a book called, "The Jefferson Bible". Thomas Jefferson (past American President) took the bible (literally) and ripped it apart, taking out everything that was extremely far-fetched and highly unlikely. What he was left with was a book filled with amazing moral values and virtues, and nothing non-worldly or spiritual.
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Kate Kujaneck Danny that quote is one of my favourites, and pretty much sums up how I feel about Christians.

Ziggy Walters ya ive heard of the the jefferson bible and definetley would like to check it out, and ghandis quote is hilarious but christians are people too and people being people some of em are gonna be douches and some are gonna be awesome.

Daniel Victor Benesh ‎@ Ziggy - You got that right. The difference between Atheist douches and religious douches is that Atheist douches won't kill others for the sake of their place in afterlife. They may be douchey, but there's no reason to kill. Look up stat...s about people in jail in the US. You'd expect it to be filled with Atheists, right? Or at least in proportion with how many people claim to be Atheists in the US? Not even close.

@ Mike - I think it's strange that other people believe in a being that lives in the sky, created and controls our lives, listens and responds to our prayers, performs all sorts of miracles, controls the weather, etc... Yet I am the one that has to prove its non-existence?

Also, you and I were once quite similar. Both white, male, and Christian. Life is much easier when you're in the majority of all those categories in society. It must feel very good to you to be able to proudly say "I am a Christian" on my status or your status, and not have to worry about persecution, hey? If you can fathom, put yourself in someone else's shoes. Imagine being a woman 100 years ago when they were second class citizens. Or a First Nations person today trying to go make an honest living, but constantly ripped down and judged by stereotypes, instead of by their resume and work ethic. Or an Atheist mocked and persecuted for his or her non-belief in a very far-fetched, albeit longstanding and prevailing theory.

@ Kate - it's a testament to the wonderful educators at Miller High School that they could churn out so many rational atheists and secularists. I know of many, they're just afraid to say it in public forums, and isn't that just sad? Thanks for joining in the conversation.

Cara Gray Christians may be unlike Christ but that's no reason to hate on us, Dan! Haha.

Ziggy Walters I dont know, you dont know, no ones ever gonna know till ya die so fuck it. Be good to people... End of story. and i aint trying to argue with ya here man be an atheist, a buddhist, be a fuckin scientologist for all i care....

Cara Gray no arguments from me either. just lets not all argue with each other all the time... haha

Carol Brucks and after all this, Jesus still loves you...what a guy!

Bettina Welsh You need a baby to take up this extra time you have!

Lauren Benesh i agree with Bettina

Mike Young I will come to your meeting at some point. I enjoy intelligent debate aswell

Tess Boehm LOL @ Lauren .... Not sure that would help. He's full of all sort of stuff today ...

Daniel Victor Benesh ‎@ Bettina - funny. But I type a zillion WPM, even holding a baby.

@ Carol - "after all this critical and independent thought, Jesus still loves me"? I learned tonight that denying the holy spirit is the only unforgivable sin, and after doin...g so, I am doomed to eternal damnation. So, it is with quite a heavy heart, that I must sadly say you're mistaken.

@ Kate - I'd caution using "hate" and any term relating to a specific person. Say you hate Christianity or say you hate fundamentalist beliefs, but you shouldn't say you hate a specific person or group of people, IMHO.

@ Cara - I'm not hating on Christians. They're just people. It's the system of beliefs, the indoctrination, the outlandish theories masked as facts, the bloody history, and how it holds people, and the world, back from much real discovery by validating people's beliefs as societal truths. It's a cycle of ignorance and it has to stop at some time. I mean, sure it's fun to get together and make believe that there's magical beings that created our world and guide our lives and possibly go to Candy Mountain here or there, but do you really want your political leaders and law makers to believe such tomfoolery? The could do something silly like a) make gay marriage illegal, b) give extra money to schools or programs that promote similar beliefs, or c) make stoning people to death acceptable.

@ Mike - Love to have you there. Missed you tonight, it was great!

@ Tess - Tess, come on. The only thing I'm full of is love and a passion for the truth.

@ Ziggy - I agree nobody can know for 100%. But what is the likelihood that a Flying Spaghetti Monster lives in the sky and is the creator and ruler of our world? Very small, you'd say. Next to nothing. Well, God and Jesus are the creations of mankind looking to give answers to questions to which then previously had no answers. The likelihood of God's existence is quite small. It's not 50/50... it's not even close. So close, that it's not worth giving up worldly pleasures for the 0.00000001 chance of getting the rewards talked about in Heaven, if you're lucky enough to have chosen the right God to get into heaven, because there are a lot of them out there! I had no idea you were into this kinda stuff, that's cool man. Your beliefs sound rather humanistic... which is exactly what everyone really should be. We've got one life, one kick at the can. Some find that kinda sad, but I find it invigorating. Why not try to find ways to extend your time here (help environment, cure diseases (stem cell anyone?), etc...) instead of mumbling phrases to an imaginary being every Sunday?

@ Everyone - don't even get me started on the education system... segregation based on belief? When would ever teach our children that segregation is acceptable? But religion is the trump card. You can just say that it's because of religious beliefs, and nobody can question. A shitload of our taxes are going to pay for nearly twice as many desk jobs in two education systems compared to if we just had one.

I'd like your comments as to how you think I handled myself, things I said incorrectly/correctly, other major points that I missed, or otherwise any other comments. I may like to get into debates in the future, so I would love any feedback!

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  1. I'm not one to tell someone what is "right" and "wrong" in terms of approach because I think we all have a part to play. What I will say is that I admire the patience and gentleness you showed. People need to see that we can be firmly grounded in our principles without being hostile.