Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mainstream Anti-Religious Propaganda


I love mainstream anti-religious propaganda. My brother and I were arguing the other day. I said that before my life is over, I will be in the majority (maybe if not in the world, at least in my continent) in my non-belief in organized religion and God in general. He disagreed.

My main point was that majority of the general population, are sheep. They follow what everyone else is doing, whatever feels "normal". Who can blame them? It's one of Maslow's hierarchical needs, the "need to belong". Which is why I feel even more strongly about my statement in the first paragraph. When I see shows like Family Guy, Simpsons, Cleveland Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, etc... making fun of religion and God, it seems to me like it will not be too long before we see a major paradigm shift.

Take, for example, this gem from Family Guy tonight (Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011):

AA Counselor: Peter, it sounds to me like alcohol is a very destructive influence in your life. You need to relinquish your dependence and give yourself over to a higher power.
Brian (dog): Pfff.
AA Counselor: You have a different view Brian?
Brian: Oh, I dunno, are we ALLOWED to have a different view?
AA Counselor: Brian, AA is the only way out for these people. Millions are saved every year by the program!
Brian: Hey, people got along just fine for thousands of years without AA. Just like they got along fine for thousands of years without religion.

*Clip changes to a scene from about 2000 years ago with two guys standing in togas*
Guy 1: I like you, and have no reason not to.
Guy 2: I like you and have no reason not to.
Guy 3 enters: Heyyy, did you guys hear about that magic baby that was born in Bethlehem?

And they all die.

Funny, but it's little things like this that will subtly educate the population, make them think, and undermine their beliefs. Now for some atheist advertising in Regina to solidify our position!

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