Friday, March 18, 2011

Facebook comments

How can someone ACTUALLY post this on Facebook, and not understand the fallacy of his/her own words???

It's ridiculous that these religions don't get along. No matter what our faith, be it religious, spiritual or atheist, we are all from the same God. Every religion is semi correct and some what wrong, but every religion boils down to one message. Love God, Love yourself, and Love eachother.

Do you even KNOW what "atheist" means?????

Or how about this person? I surely want some of what they're smoking. Unless they're smoking just "love of God"... in that case, I want none of it.

It's really not what you believe or what's your position in's all about who you're with.....i was taught to belive in one God.....The Father of Jesus and to become one with them....It has been confirmed and revealed to me miraclou...sly....there is a God in my presence through prayer and's all about the sacrifice of the thing and the wrath of God in order to recognize that there is a God in i stand in power with"God the Father and annointed with the Spirit of Jesus"....where everything is alright and if goes wrong it turns out more than right.......Amen!...Behold...." God the Father of Jesus.....since i've become one with them i live life amazingly!! whereby we cry....Amen!


  1. Glad to find your site. I thought I was the only atheist around who hated stupid Facebook posts with a passion.

    It is hard to understand how people don't realize that all religions are not the same and that not a one of them can back up their claims. What we believe really does matter in that it helps determine the choices we make.

  2. Glad to hear from you. Keep following for more rants! haha. Where you from?