Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sam Harris quote

Hey anyone,

I just heard an amazing quote from Sam Harris, author of "The End of Faith". He was discussing the afterlife and stated:

"I think, therefore, that this concept of the afterlife, really functions as a substitute for wisdom. For really absorbing our predicament. Which is that - everyone is going to die, there are circumstances that are catastrophically unfair, evil sometimes wins, and injustice sometimes wins. The only justice we're going to find in this world is the justice we make, and I think we have an ethical responsibility to absorb this really down to the soles of our feet. This notion of afterlife and the "happy talk" about how it's all going to work out and how it's all part of God's plan is a way of shirking that [responsibility]."

Such a great quote! It is the reason why, when I saw a person on Facebook engaging in MEANINGFUL and INTELLIGENT debate on someone's erroneous Facebook post regarding birth control increases and abortion increases over the past 60 years, I immediately could tell he was a skeptic/scientific mind, so I invited him to join our Regina CFI group. He accepted.

Please, anyone/everyone, be on the lookout for other such people. We can use them in our group. They can help us all usher in a new era of reason and rationality in our world.

Thank you.

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