Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seriously Barack? Just when I was bragging to people about your State of the Union address, you gotta go and slight me!

Quote from Barack Obama:
Our troops come from every corner of this country; they're black, white, latino, asian, native american. They are Christian and Hindu, Jewish and Muslim. And yes we know that some of them are gay. Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.

I was just sitting there saying... please say Atheist... maybe slide a little Secular in there... or how about even just some Agnostic? No? No?? :(

*Note: When he finished this portion of the speech, he got a thirty second standing ovation. The camera pans to three heavily medal-adorned army officers who were notably less excited than the rest of the audience.

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  1. Hello Dan,

    Just saw your comment on my blog--it's a small world for Beneshes, eh? Though you are right; we have quite different perspectives on the world.

    And since we're on the subject, have you read any Hugh Ross, John Polkinghorne, or Alister McGrath?

    My brother-in-law's name is Daniel Benesh, too, by the way. Though he lives in Atlanta, and I'm doubtful anyone would mix the two of you up. . . . ;)