Thursday, January 6, 2011

The sky is falling!

Rejuvenated after a conversation with a fellow atheist blogger (if you like my site, you'll like her's slightly less, but still a lot), I am going to make entries a little more frequently perhaps, and try to keep them more concise. And I'm going to use headings like those professional bloggers do!

Looking for a late Winter Equinox Present?

Or perhaps one for early Spring Equinox? You can get this beautiful picture in a T-shirt for you or someone you love. Though I would imagine it's slightly higher than 9/10 scientists... Perhaps the correct way to say it would be to say "9/10 with a margin of error of 1." I don't normally promote consumerism, but if it's atheistic consumerism, it's also advertising our beliefs. It's concerning sometimes though, when atheists want to be witty and charming, we buy things like this T-shirt (or get sent "God Trumps" cards from New Humanist), and people end up thinking not that we're witty and charming, but that we're arrogant, insulting, unaccepting, flippant, rude, passive agressive, or worse, agressive agressive (haha). It does bother the Humanist in me when I am hurting someone else's feelings, but how do you draw the line? Most Christians I know would have no problem slighting me for my non-beliefs...

Scientific Tweets (Oh what a witty title)

So, birds are falling from the sky and crabs washing up on shore dead (BP anyone?) And when you Google something akin to "birds falling from sky", here are some of the "Tweets" (get it?) that come up:

1) (This was a comment on a news article) The birds' deaths I guarantee will not be explained. There will be no poison, no sign of trauma and no sign of anything else. They may say it was "pressure" or "disorientation" but 5000 birds within a one mile radius all collapsing during THE NIGHT cannot be explained by those excuses. I personally believe it's some-what of a sign, think i'm crazy or not i don't mind, but scientists are not going to be able to figure it out. Just like they don't understand how the Grand Canyon was made....people can banter around their explinations all they want but some things just can't be understood in human terms, but we don't have to understand everything. The only thing that even remotely can be mulled over is that it was a sign from the big man upstairs himself. Miracles happen everyday but how we choose to explain them is entirely up to us and i think we can all agree that not everything can be explained.....

2) Why dead birds fell from sky: confirmed: dead birds can't fly

3) Regarding the bird die-offs: have we ruled out "viral promotion for an apocalyptic movie" yet?

4) Birds falling from sky? Better dust off your religious texts.

5) Ask Yahoo: "Birds falling from sky in Arkansas was also in the bible?"

6) God is warming up for 2012 by killing thousands of birds.

*sigh* If you want to read a REAL news article about strange animal deaths, please do so here! Thanks for reading. I appreciate all comments. Please feel free to critique any/all of 1 through 6 (particularly 1, 4, 5, 6 as 2 and 3 were hilariouuuuuuuuuuuus *said in a Jon Stewart-ish higher pitch*)

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